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Finding My Value

How Do You Heal?

As a spiritual discipline writing has served me well. Writing has been a vital part of my emotional and spiritual healing. When I write, I share the creative voice I've discovered within.

Writing is a way for my spirit to connect with The Spirit. I write to gain clarity. I write to enlighten and educate others. I write to challenge others and myself. I write to incite critical thinking. I write to release and express anger constructively.

I write to create. I write to pray. I write to transform. I write to heal.

Whether a journal, a tweet, or a long Facebook post, when I write, I am free.

​In Murdered Souls, Resurrected Lives, Session focuses on exploited women’s understanding of God and how that understanding shapes their self-perception. Based on her own work with victims of the sex trade, Session offers a theological framework for preaching and teaching resurrection from soul murder, based on tenets of womanist theological ethics, including radical subjectivity, traditional communalism, redemptive self-love, and critical engagement with biblical stories featuring women. With help, soul-murdered women can reclaim their lives.
" After reading the work of Dr. Irie Session you will know that God is in the midst of her ministry."

Rev. Dr. Rodney Williams, Kansas, City   

    " Irie Session has been assigned to this mountain to show others it can be moved."

LeAnna O.