Dr. Irie
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Empowering Women | Dismantling Patriarchy 

A little about me...

Preacher, Teacher, and Writer
I enjoy teaching biblical texts in ways that help all
marginalized persons discover and reclaim their
unique voice and value. My particular passion is that through the ministries of preaching, teaching, and writing to amplify and center the voices and experiences of Black women in order to dismantle those forces (grounded in patriarchy and white supremacy) that inhibit them from flourishing. After dedicating 30+ years working in charitable and faith-based non-profit organizations, the Criminal Justice System, and other State and local social service organizations, my work and ministry is now dedicated to effecting systemic change in church and society.

My life's roles...
My life's journey has prepared me for today. From my early days being raised in public housing in New York City, I developed a passion for social justice and a love for theology. Along this road I've taken on many different roles: