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Empowering Women | Dismantling Patriarchy 


Finding My Passion
What Makes You Come Alive?
I believe the church has tradtionally interpreted and taught the Bible in a manner that devalues women and girls.

Such interpretations adversely affect their survival and ability to experience wholeness. As a result, certain biblical passages have become death dealing for women and girls.

As a womanist, I am committed to the survival and wholeness of entire people. Therefore, I teach the Bible to liberate both men and women. I teach the Bible to highlight God's love for every human being. I teach the Bible to summon life from dead places.  I teach for resurrection.
" Dr. Irie challenges every way we’ve read scripture before. So Real and So Open, you will get more than a lesson you will find a connection!   
Rev. Dr. Dietra Wise-Baker, Community Activist, St. Louis

"I stay connected to Dr. I and her ministry because of her passion to teach, preach, and minister truth to the hearer.
I am moved by her compassion and desire to see lives transformed by the power of God."
Rev. Anjelita T.D.

"A healing voice for Rahab's daughters in the 21st Century!" 

​​Rev. Cherisna Jean-Marie, Bethany Seminary, Virginia

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