Teresa Fry Brown  


  Dr. Teresa Fry Brown
Band Professor of Preaching
Candler School of Theology
Emory University

The Teresa Fry Brown WPI was created to empower clergywomen and other women in ministry to more effectively carry out the mission and witness of Jesus Christ in their preaching ministries. This involves helping women address both internal and external challenges and impediments to being women in ministry who preach.

Each year during the month of May in Dallas, Texas we host the WPI and invite a respected Womanist Scholar or Theologian to share her wisdom and expertise.
Needs of Preaching Women:
  • Discover and develop their unique preaching voices.                 
  • A safe environment to connect, share ministry challenges, and offer one another support.                                                      
  • ​Receive ongoing training in homiletics, sermon preparation and delivery.                                                                                       
  • A Practice of Self-Care                                                                       
  • Strategies for alternative ministry -when the doors of the institutional church are closed
Mary Magdalene

How many times have you heard that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute? But, have you ever read it for yourself? Is there a particular passage in the Bible that describes her occupation?

​Did you know that in early Christian writings Mary Magdalene is referred to as, "the apostle to the apostles?"

​Don't you want to get herstory straight?

There are women who make incredible contributions. Some of whom we only hear of after they're gone. Like African-American civil rights activist Ella Baker.

​Sheerah is another such woman. Her contributions are yet with us because Sheerah was built to last. But you've probably never heard of her. Well, her story is in 1st Chronicles chapter 7. Check it out.

​Everyday women are making a difference in society. Not just women with titles and position, but women we fail to notice, women we skip over. I will no longer skip over Sheerah. We need to get herstory straight.